About Stewart-Rigo

The Dream grows in discussion on the waterfront porch of thier lakehome in East Texas.

The Dream grows in discussion on the waterfront porch of their lake-home in East Texas.

Linda and John Rigo’s dream of owning and operating a winery started over fifteen years ago.  It was a ten-day vacation along the California coast, Napa Valley and a visit to the grand Hurst Castle that this dream of a combination of a winery, farm and ranch was fostered. 

It was their sixth year in their second vacation home on Cedar Creek Lake in Gun Barrel City that the dream materialized with the decision to seek a farm as a primary home in East Texas nearing their pending retirement.  It was a year later that the farm was found and renamed Silver Star Farm and Ranch of Texas.


2 thoughts on “About Stewart-Rigo

  1. I just spoke to you this morning Mr. Rigo. lol. I love the beautiful pictures of your future winery. I’m very excited and hope to follow this to see the progress. Best of luck!!!


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