About Us


Linda and her husband, John J. Rigo were prior long-term residents of McKinney, Texas.   They now are retired to the Cedar Creek Lake area of Texas.  They now share their time between their future winery, farm and ranch in Eustace and their lakehome in Gun Barrel City.  John had lived in McKinney for over forty-two years, while Linda was raised and born in Collin County.  Two of her great Aunts were named after Anna and Melissa, Texas.  Linda was also a State Farm Insurance Agent (now retired) of twenty-eight years in McKinney under the business name of Linda Stewart Terry.  John has been in sales and sales management training for over forty-five years.  Prior to joining his wife in their agency of many years, John was the primary owner of a long-term automobile leasing company out of Dallas called Vehicle-Fleet Lease, which he later sold.  


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