“Weeds and not Daisies” copyright 2013, John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator

"They are Weeds and not Flowers!"

“They are Weeds and not Flowers!”

Yesterday I shouted at my wife in excitement, “Honey there are wild Daisies growing in front of our house with butterflies all over them.”  My wife had a hardy laugh in her response, “Sweetheart those are weeds and not Daisies.”  To say the least, I did feel a little foolish.

You see I am not all city boy being born and raised in the city of New York.  From the time I was about 10 years old I got to spent every summer on a dairy farm in upstate New York under the “Fresh Air Fund.”  The fund was designed to take poor boys of families in New York City and render them the opportunity to live on a farm for the summer.  From age 13 on they were expected to actually work on those farms, which I did till age 16.

Truthfully even those yellow weeds are many, they still look like flowers to me!  Click picture above and after download note the fields of pretty yellow weeds I now have in front of our future vineyard and winery.


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