“Our New Sign is Posted” copyright 2015, John J. Rigo, co-owner Stewart-Rigo Farm and Ranch of Texas

New Sign for Stewart-Rigo Farm and Ranch of Texas formerly "Silver Star" copyright 2015 John J. Rigo

New Sign for Stewart-Rigo Farm and Ranch of Texas formerly “Silver Star” copyright 2015 John J. Rigo

We are proud to announce that our new name of our farm and ranch is now posted.  After research and finding the name of “Silver Star” itself was associated with many low quality products in Texas, we decided to change our names on both our future winery as well as our farm and ranch.  The name consists of the proud maiden name of my wife and my last name.  The view on the sign comes from our own ranch. 

“High Quality Hay for Sale in Texas” copyright 2014, John J. Rigo, Stewart-Rigo Farm and Ranch of Texas

Quality Hay for Sale and Delivery in Texas.

Quality Hay for Sale and Delivery in Texas.

Are you a farmer or rancher living in a drought zone in Texas such as Austin, Graham or the Ft. Worth area?  Do you have livestock such as breeding cattle or horses that depend on hay for feed?  Now is the time to prepare for the purchase of hay for your farm and ranch operation before sky-high prices rocket in for the prices of hay production.

We currently have for sale approximatedly 180 bales of hay for sale that is available for delivery by eighteen wheeler to parts of Texas for a reasonable fee per bale.  Prices start prior to shipping fee per bale at $35 for quality net rolled 4×5’s.  Call John J. Rigo at 469-450-4144 for additional info.  If no answer leave name and number. 

“Twilight: The Beginning of the Eternal Journey” copyright 2014, John J. Rigo, upcoming poetry book, “Passion Amidst Apathy”

How we live our lives today will determine the joy of our eternal journey tomorrow

Texas Poetry

It was a vision that came to me yesterday.
This life but a beginning of our journey thru eternity.
Our physical life here brief in its beginning.
Death but a transition on this journey
to many other lives ahead
in many other forms
in the ever-expanding image
of God.
Our time here but a
training period in preparation.
Joys and visions beyond
our human comprehension.
Live each day with
Love, Joy, Thankfulness,
gainful Wisdom
in God’s Love
for our Eternal Souls.
Prepare well
for your journey
it will be a long one.
All those we lost
will be returned to us.
Fear not Death
it is but a door
of many
into God’s House.

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“East Texas: No Place for a Tenderfoot” copyright 2014, John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator

To those of you who are thinking of retiring to the farm life in East Texas, get prepared to find out, it is not like the old movies.

Texas Poetry


In our retirement almost a year and a half ago, my wife and I were excited to find a beautiful home on thirty acres in Eustace, Texas.  My wife was the oldest of six on a two hundred acre farm in Celina, Texas, in her youth.  Her Father was a true farmer, in the sense of what a farmer was about.  Her memories from her childhood was neighbors were true neighbors in those day, in helping each other.  In our new home in Eustace, which will be the home of our on going vineyard, we have found that is far from the realities of life in the country.

As a rule, we have found country folks standoffish, isolated and as the old saying goes, “They would not give a nickel to see a piss ant eat a bale of hay.”  The worse thing we have found as new farm owners…

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“Yea Through the Grace of God Go I” copyright 2005 John J. Rigo “Roses Amidst Thorns”

Even to this day is Depression a sickness that the medical profession is in awe of and as of yet found a cure for. The only hope is two-fold, giving up one’s life to the Love of Jesus; the second is prayer in His Name.

Texas Poetry

I have been where you are
a hell of loneliness and despair.
Had I created this place in my past
as you are now
where I was once?
I ask myself what pains cross your mind
as this day of many comes to you?
Do you hunger?
Are you without sleep?
The night only brings fear for your life.
Are you without anyone who cares
where you are this day?
Are you missed?
I too have been where you are.
From ashes of the mind did thou raise me
from a pit of worldly hell.
It was not my talents of mind
nor spirit that lead me from this dark world.
It was my prayers.
You never failed to hear me
when I cried out to you.
When I tried to end this life
you spoke gently to me
asking me to be patient

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“The Joy and Courage to Overcome Pain” copyright 2013 John J. Rigo, upcoming poetry book, “Passion Amidst Apathy”

Letting the Joys and Blessings of our life thru Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, overcome all the pains and suffering that we endure in life.

Texas Poetry

I deal with extreme pain each day.
I use to curse the pain
I no longer do
but rejoice
in overcoming it.
The pain comes from a fall
over eleven years ago
a fifteen foot fall from a ladder
into concrete
while trimming a tree.
The results were
a fracture in my spinal bone
three disks in my back crushed.
Each waking hour
of every day
is filled with constant pain
many times
to a point of agony.
The pain follows me
to bed at night
ever relentless
constantly disturbing
my sleep. 
Each morning as I awake
I rejoice in a new day
to the joy of my Lord‘s creations
and His Love for me.
This body but a temporary home
of the Loving spirit that my God
has created for me.
My thoughts each morning
turn to the Crucifixtion of…

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“Our Recent Trip to “Texas’ Grape Camp” in Fredericksburg, Texas” Copyright 2013, John J. Rigo co-owner, Stewart-Rigo Farm and Ranch of Texas

A great gathering of new and old vineyard growers throughout the state of Texas.

A great gathering of new and old vineyard growers throughout the state of Texas.

Texas' Grape Camp Logo

Texas’ Grape Camp Logo

Texas' Grape Camp in Fredericksburg, Texas

Texas’ Grape Camp in Fredericksburg, Texas

We have just returned from a three-day trip to “Texas‘ Grape Camp” in Fredericksburg, Texas: www.txwines.org/grapecamp/.   Knowledge is truly power in determining the success of a future winery, farm and ranch in our new home in Eustace, Texas.  If you are a land owner in the area and wish for to share our knowledge in a consultant format, in starting a winery, farm and ranch in the Eustace area, do not hesitate to contact us.  You will find our consultant fees reasonable and will save you thousands of dollars in planning your own dream winery, farm and ranch in East Texas. Contact info: http://stewart-rigowinery@outlook.com