“High Quality Hay for Sale in Texas” copyright 2014, John J. Rigo, Stewart-Rigo Farm and Ranch of Texas

Quality Hay for Sale and Delivery in Texas.

Quality Hay for Sale and Delivery in Texas.

Are you a farmer or rancher living in a drought zone in Texas such as Austin, Graham or the Ft. Worth area?  Do you have livestock such as breeding cattle or horses that depend on hay for feed?  Now is the time to prepare for the purchase of hay for your farm and ranch operation before sky-high prices rocket in for the prices of hay production.

We currently have for sale approximatedly 180 bales of hay for sale that is available for delivery by eighteen wheeler to parts of Texas for a reasonable fee per bale.  Prices start prior to shipping fee per bale at $35 for quality net rolled 4×5’s.  Call John J. Rigo at 469-450-4144 for additional info.  If no answer leave name and number. 


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