“New Heifer Calf to our Herd” copyright 2013 John J. Rigo, Silver Star Farm and Ranch of Texas

A New Addition to our family at Silver Star Farm and Ranch of Texas.

Texas Poetry



Her name is “Pumpkin.”  Note her color where the name comes from.  She is very bonded to “Violet.”  She is a “Brangus” calf.

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“The Gift of Our Water” copyright 2013 John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator

That is our Well House in the far distance.

That is our Well House in the far distance.

In the purchase of our new farm, having the best in water available to the property was our first requirement.  We are proud to relate that our farm and future vineyard is on the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer.  It is known to be the finest ground water in the country.  It comes from the well behind our home.  The water in its recent tests was tested to be “Perfect.”  In fact, the same water that Ozarka bottles for their water, is the same water that comes out of our well.  This will be the water that will water our vineyard, as well as our future vegetable and fruit production, with additional great water for our cattle production.