“East Texas: No Place for a Tenderfoot” copyright 2014, John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator

To those of you who are thinking of retiring to the farm life in East Texas, get prepared to find out, it is not like the old movies.

Texas Poetry


In our retirement almost a year and a half ago, my wife and I were excited to find a beautiful home on thirty acres in Eustace, Texas.  My wife was the oldest of six on a two hundred acre farm in Celina, Texas, in her youth.  Her Father was a true farmer, in the sense of what a farmer was about.  Her memories from her childhood was neighbors were true neighbors in those day, in helping each other.  In our new home in Eustace, which will be the home of our on going vineyard, we have found that is far from the realities of life in the country.

As a rule, we have found country folks standoffish, isolated and as the old saying goes, “They would not give a nickel to see a piss ant eat a bale of hay.”  The worse thing we have found as new farm owners…

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